Favorite Books

All of Viola Spolin's books full of theater games.
Billy Collins'poetry books are delightful. I recently saw him give a reading at the Bowery Poetry Club. He's a wry, whispy, humouresque, and relevantly observant poet.
"poemcrazy, freeing your life with words" by Susan Goldsmith Woldridge: This book is a journal of poetic expression, full of excersizes that stretch your imagination. try renaming everything you've been taking for granted. or pick words out of a bowl and use them to form a poem. or turn over a rock as you walk, look everywhere, describe what you see.
"How to Read a Poem" by Edward Hirsch: This book is so delicious to read. It is a poetic call to all readers, full of love, mystery, and the desire to connect with the past, with the present, with the poets, with the public. Read the first chapter and you'll be hooked.
"The Songwriters Idea Book" by Sheila Davis: (any books by her, really) If you are a gut songwriter and want to study the craft, read any of Sheila's books. This one is gives lyric examples. Branch out, explore, try out other methods of songwriting. Be academic. And then let it go and see where you are.
"Writing Fiction, a guide to narrative craft" by Janet Burroway: This is so well done you could read it just for pleasure. Full of short stories, excersizes, and inspired writing, this is an excellent way to plunge into trying to write fiction. I did a bunch of the excersizes before I got distracted by my guitar.
"Anna Akhmatova Poems" translated by Lyn Coffin: A modern Russian poet full of passion, full of wind, torture, and shaking like a leaf, she reminds me a little of Emily Dickinson, but not so precise.
"Vice" by Ai: This is the most intense poetry I've read in quite a while. It is female, it is violent, it is full of ripe images, bitter but beautiful. It makes me wince, but it helps me plunge.
"Birdsong" by Rumi (transl. Coleman Barks): So uplifting, these short, wise poems. I quote them all the time. Excellent for communicating to friends, lovers, or to yourself.
"How To Be Your Own Booking Agent" by Jeri Goldstein: She suggests you write down your 10 year, 5, 2, and 1 year goals! After that she leads you through what you need to know with positive, clear ideas. It is packed full!!! Covers just about everything.
"How to Think Like Leonardo DaVinci" by Michael J. Gelb: I was reading the Artists Way, but if you are a varied artistic person, this is a better book. Especially if you are creative, but need focus. Read both.
"Tim Sweeney's Guide to Releasing Independent Records" by Tim Sweeney and Mark Geller: A short, precise book. This was my outline.
"How To Make and Sell Your Own Recording" by Diane Sward Rapaport: A much bigger book on the same topic. More indepth. Read it second.

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