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WFUV Radio-click on their Artist Links page and you will find almost any folk/pop/intriguing artist you might be looking for. This is NYC's folk radio station, and I've gotten to play live on this station.

Banjo Nickaru & Western Scooches is an old time band with elements of 1920's, New Orleans, blues and bluegrass.

Hot Jazz Jumpers is exactly that - hot jazz of the 1920's! Featuring Betina Hershey on vocals, Nick Russo on guitar, Miles Griffith on vocalist, and David Pleasant on his own drumset made of tambourines.

Nick Russo, my husband, is a wonderful guitarist and banjo player who plays traditional & dixie land jazz with such notables as Vince Giordano and the Night Hawks, brazilian with Jenn Jade, R&B and blues with the legendary Victor Jones, Michelle Walker, Chanda Rule, and many others. He also plays all of my songs and washes my dishes when he isn't rushing to a gig. We were married on October 20th, 2007.

Shawn Hershey, my brother, is an amazing swing dancer and jazz trumpet player. We've performed & taught swing dancing as far off as Tokyo, Japan and as close as NYC. I've recently gotten to sing in his "Fried Bananas" swing band, and also debut in the Hershey Russo Soul and Blues Band which he conceived of, and which performed for Boston blues dancers. I love getting to do gigs with him! There's nothing better than working together as a family!

Denver Casado is an incredibly talented young composer who I met in September, 2004 in the BMI Musical Theater Workshop. We have writen 4 childrens musicals together which have premiered in Forest Hills with the Garden Players Musical Theater Kids, Finding the Wonder which was accepted into the BAD Musical Theater Festival, and various cabaret songs including "Sure I've Got the Belly" which appeared in The Mother of All Cabarets, a cabaret put on by 3 pregnant women.

Eddie Guttman is another wonderful composer that I've been writing with. We met when I was in my senior year of college and he was the music director of one of the shows. We began writing together back then but didn't get serious until this year when I decided I really wanted to focus on my musical theater writing and write with musical collaborators. Eddie's music is haunting and fresh. We wrote an hour long children's musical, Finding Home, that premiered in May, 2005 at The Community House in The Gardens, Forest Hills.

Steven Silverstein is a musical director and composer that I've known since college years. Recently we both had songs performed in Hot Mamas, a cabaret full of pregnancy songs.

The New York Gilbert and Sullivan Players is a group Betina performs with at City Center, Symphony Space, and on tour. She has appeared as Fleta in Iolanthe, Isabel in The Pirates of Penzance, and chorus in HMS Pinafore, The Gondoliers, and the New Years Eve concerts.

Howard Morgen is a renowned guitar teacher and arranger, and his site has lessons and articles. He was my teacher and taught me the fret board better than I can imagine anyone else teaching it. He is so clear! is a website for John Dillon's handmade guitars (He made one for Trisha Yearwood, and also Steve Earle. I've played a few... whew! beautiful!), and also his songwriter weekends. The venues are in Pennsylvania and I had a wonderful time playing at these quaint, beautiful venues. (Danville and Bloomsburg, PA)

Greggs Eggs I don't usually go for jam bands but this band won me over! I went on a mini-tour with them on the West Coast, got to experience life with a "rock" band. Hippies, kids, all dancing to the music!

Ina May Wool a NYC singer/songwriter who, like me, is also connected to the musical theatre world- her via her husband, me via my dad. Both play for Broadway shows. She reminds me or Rickie Lee Jones.

Matt Gough has a funky, folky, raw kind of flavor. Sometimes Dillon-esque, sometimes jazzy, funky, old time folk, insightful ("happy as a slug sliding down a mug")... sometimes downright silly.... BUT MAN!!!... he's an undiscovered gem with a whole catalogue of songs to his name that should be heard.