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The Party

They spread lists of movies and actors
across the damp garden air.
"Illumination! You haven't seen it?
You must rent it for a night."

Her whole body wraps around "must"
like an octopus around its own ink.

-Betina Hershey, 9/2000

The Party (II)

The invitation comes;

warm laughter goose-bumps,
it helps her fill the blank calendar.
She flows,
love trickling butter,
thinks she'll go,
yet when 8:00 Saturday comes
she doesnąt.
Not to that predictable crowd,
predictable grins, pat hugs, jostling jokes.
She's wrapped in a book
and guitar fills her art-pad room.

Knowing the party is out there,
she can chose
without loneliness.
-BH, 10/2001