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Ah, San Francisco Opens Us All

Surfing (seductive, brutal Ocean Beach), On Waking Early, Food Poisoning, Cell Phones and Trees

(Form: ababcc Subject: surfing Words: tender, drizzle, sunkissed, release, thrill, yodel)

A sunkissed face, stern and calm,
gazes out towards the waves that yodel
the waves that release matures yearning for the storm
the waves that stir the thrill resting in the soul
surfboard under arm and sand under toe
the sun turns to drizzle, and is neither friend nor foe
-Matt Gough

sometimes I feel my life
is a drizzle in this world
I head to the ocean in those spice-
less moments, i sur and there
you may hear the tener release of a yodel
a sun-kissed thrill, at least I'm not roadkill
-Heidi Anderson

though at noon these giant waves were sun-kissed
this twilight they rumble through the drizzle
still, a silvery yodel cuts through fog as one man missed
the thrillingest wave, leaving him soggy in a fizzle
oh, tender, solitary, knife-sharp surfer looking for release
nothing but a ride, one more sweet ride will appease
-Betina Hershey

Surfing (seductive, brutal Ocean Beach), On Waking Early, Food Poisoning, Cell Phones and Trees

On Waking Early (Form: abbcdd Words:deafening, trickle, gurgle, growl, fuzzy, gravity)

Oh that gravity that evil menace
plunders fuzzy dreams from leaden feet
as a deafening raging river turns to a trickle of a stream
First comes the gurgle of life in the veins
The droning growl of reality nudges at your door
Creaky hinges cringe as morning brings your dreams to mourn
-Matt Gough

her alarm clock sings its deafening gurgle
fighting gravity's growl
and her body's internal scowl
she rises in an inverted thickle
Beware! She is fuzzy and surly
whenever she wakes up early
-Heidi Anderson

hey nonny nonny it's dark and cold in the streets
when through a fuzzy sleep trickles a cold, bleating alarm
growing to a deafening growl as the anit-gravity of day pulls on a heavy arm
oh, gurgle, gurgle, she is struggling to speak sensically
but her mouth is plastered shut and there's a lead wight in her gut
and although she tries to tries to wake she's stuck in her sleepy rutt
-Betina Hershey

Surfing (seductive, brutal Ocean Beach), On Waking Early, Food Poisoning, Cell Phones and Trees

Food Poisoning (Form: abcbca Words: stench, waterfall, volcanic, butterfly, vibrating, flash)

The butterfly theory flaps its wings
sending the first vibrating warnings to your brain
the quick flash of nausea and then it's gone
Then you hear the volcanic rumble and there's no mistake
and the stench from the kitchen never smelled so foul
You can only hope that the impending waterfall will set you free
-Matt Gough

Mary poisoned herself today
visiting butterfly in her belly
was exiled in a volcanic waterfall
her flash of truth is now a smelly
stench, vibrating with the porcelain toilet bowl
no calm to be found, her insides are in disarray
-Heidi Anderson

in one agonizing, volcanic flash
a waterfall of queeziness poured through stabbing veins, rumbling
and I fell alongside a wing-batered butterfly to the bench
while inside my stomach caterwalling cats were stumbling
gnawing on rotten garbage, what a stench
came vibrating out as my teeth gnashed
-Betina Hershey

Surfing (seductive, brutal Ocean Beach), On Waking Early, Food Poisoning, Cell Phones and Trees

Cell phones and trees (Form: aabbabc Words: light-speed, shudder, tentacles, pimple, redwood, marquis, cell phones, trees)

Light speed machines streak across the sky
as the redwoods shudder standing tall and blind
ugly pimples fester among the spreading plague
as the helpless marquis stands guard every day
tentacles of scaly cold and void of life
smother the breath of the simple way
cell phones race against the trees
-Matt Gough

beneath the marquis
she shudders, dreaming of cell phones and trees
the two years in a redwood home
spread its tentacles across the globe
story that moved like lightspeed
something real like pimples or a poem
her name sparkles above her head
-Heidi Anderson

thundering winds above
shuddering trees show love
firm-rooted redwoods tentacled to the shore
pimpled drops not drenching me no more
natures marquis someone dreamed of
proclaiming "Come hither light-speed, or..."
or... or... or your silly cell phone will get wet.

the redwood reaches invisible tenticles toward the marquis of sky
filled with light-speed flashings, stabbing, pimply arrows fly
while shudders of thunder throb inside the roots
a static fills the quiet moments with cell phone adicts' hoots
shouting and rushing on their spit-shine harleys
and racing towards the trunk of heaven's tree
-Betina Hershey
(If you weren't with us, you can try one of any form above and send it to me... betina@betinahershey.com)

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