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Acrostic Poetry has a message in it... like the first letters of each line spell something if you look downwards. Sometimes the last letter of each line spells something. Edgar Allen Poe wrote one with a diagonal message... the name of his beloved.

Here are some that I helped filter/edit with various 4th grade classes. They threw out sentences or words and I would write down what I heard... filtering out the vague lines... taking their imagistic, specific, and absurd lines. They picked and voted on what their subject/word would get to be.

Vacant motels
Always touring foreign countries
Chuck Cheeses groovy movin'
A time to be free
Tension is not rocking, blocking boulders
Imagination is flying wild with the honeybees
Open mouth and taste the ocean
No more school!
-4th grade and me as their filter with chalk


Time to lose life
Walking through a world of fantasy
Icecream is like the mountains melting
Nitro making everybody dizzy
The wind crying "free at last"
Obliteration of two planes
Wierd things going on in this invasion of the planet
Elephants endangered in Africa
Rocket bursting into space and never coming back
Snakes hissing in the zoo "soon we all unite"
-4th grade and me as their filter with chalk


Astronauts find wierd creepy green creatures
Like lima beans
Icky eyes spying at people
Eating millions of bugs
Nasty if they come to earth
Red, beautiful eyes we can't see
Orange, enormous feet
Soft and puffy petals
"Eeek," they squeek, throwing cheese pizza.
-4th grade and me as their filter with chalk