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These acrostic poems are trickier than normal. Read the first letter of each line downward, but don't stop there. The rest of the "secret message" will reveal itself as you read the last letter of each line. Sometimes you have to look harder than you expect.

Collassall windows pay a fee
Our windows look and fly
Our windows open and look at me
Lingering windows have many sighs
Saad Bokhari, 3rd grade

Making the moon
Ows me a papa
Taught me how to make feet
He ate me and you
Eating a bar
Ring to be and see
Saad Bokhari, 3rd grade

Quiet quack in the deli
Umbrellas are useful for raindrops
Equal and easy as a bell
Evil enemies in the area
Noisy as a class or a flying television
Seargent Ken destroyed this shiny world
Class 3-232 with me as filter and chalk

Shimmer with sad, shy glitters
Tastes like a witch
Asteroids, apples and I
Run over the moon
Sun sets in my eye
Class 3-259 with me as filter and chalk

Sometimes daisies bloom on ladies
Umbrellas jump up
Now I take a walk with my mama
Sunlight hits the car and makes me roar
Horses like to kick in the park
I often get ill when I go to the pool
Now I eat ice the same as my favorite color purple
Every time I see daylight full of diamonds
Class 3-252 with me as filter and chalk

Damp dew makes a blob
Raining fire leaves a trail
Amphibians are dashing through Antarctica
Ghosts, gobblins and gorgons love pranks
O...t (I lost this line, something like... open the door to sneak in from the wet)
No one knew they were beasts
Class 3-329 with me as filter and chalk

Crab meat in a bag
Amazing artist eating in Africa
Rare pictures of a clam
Dreadful Kings and Queens play with me
Class 3-254 with me as filter and chalk

Pluto, cold and gray, is a
Land in space where Martians roar
And where they roam free
Nobody knows where they go to have a picnic
Except the master Martian who
Tells them what to do
Snails are their favorite food
Class 3-244 with me as filter and chalk

Sometimes the wild honeysuckle, a whiff, epic
Assails me and I
Nervously drift back: cobblestone hills, cable cars
Forgetting the whys, diving freely into the simi-tragic
Roar of slapping bass strings, confounded poets, booze, hiss and husky boo
"Angels", sweet Jesseppi kissed the air with his dancing skirts as he swam
Nearer, past the years, alongside freedom and this sweet scented tree
-me (Betina Hershey)

Collapse the tent, toss away the burnt
Oar. Seaward, this boat, drifting, will go
Under the tumbling cold crystal
Rickety creak, my one remaining oar straining against strange
Aviation, deep salty gulps of aqua agua
Groaning against the weight, muscles rev
Eager to break this heart way from the same sad circle
-Betina Hershey

You must wake up
Or someone will break your dreams with NO
Under the mossy brick, an entire
Newness will be buffetted about in the wet
Growl of groaning, falling leaves
-Betina Hershey